Incontinence panties

Incontinence panties

The most valuable thing that every person has – is his health. But, unfortunately, age, as well as various negative factors lead to irreversible changes in the human body. All this can cause incontinence. The disease makes many people change their usual way of life and worsens its quality. The "IMAARA" company made sure that women can remain active and attractive, despite the presence of a urological problem. The logical tandem of innovative technologies and fashion has made it possible to create underwear with protection against urine leak proof underwear of different age categories.

Reusable waterproof panties - features and benefits

Urological problems are associated not only with physical but also emotional discomfort. The disease consists in spontaneous emptying of the bladder, but the patient does not feel the urge and only feels fluid. Unpleasant odors, rustling underwear or slipping, not always reliable panty liners for urine leakage – all this reduces a person's mobility, preventing him from leading a full life in society due to fear of awkward moments.

Urological diseases are treatable, but therapy takes time. Doctors advise using special waterproof panties during this period. Modern personal hygiene items help both young and older women to lead an active lifestyle and not depend on the problem that has befallen them. After all, hygienic pants are able to absorb large volumes of liquid ingredients without letting them out.

Underwear with urine leakage from "IMAARA" TM is made of delicate, lightweight, "breathable" and pleasant to the body textile material. Products have a two-layer structure:

  • an outer seamless layer made of fabric containing nylon (78%) and spandex (22%);
  • inner or gusset, which serves as the main absorbent element.

The one-piece gusset is made of soft material that does not make any sound when moving, as the main element that provides complete protection from leaks. The highly absorbent, non-drip fabric is formulated with 95% rayon, 5% spandex and breathable waterproof PUL.

Stylish seamless urine leakage underpants look no different from regular lingerie. Providing a high degree of protection against leakage, the products have the following undeniable advantages:

  • comfort and ease of wearing;
  • lack of "greenhouse" effect and its consequences – diaper rash and skin irritation;
  • hygiene and safety;
  • variety of modern models;
  • wide range of sizes;
  • attractive appearance;
  • perfect neutralization of extraneous odors;
  • high quality and durability;
  • affordable price.

It should be noted that waterproof "breathable" underwear, which prevents the flow of urine and other secretions, is easy to care for. Rinse the panties thoroughly in running cold water, and then wash at 30°C in any convenient way.

Rules for choosing hygienic linen

Products presented in the collection of the "IMAARA" TM are not only personal protective equipment against leaks, but also samples of modern, comfortable fashionable underwear for ladies of all age categories. The stylish seamless patterns can be used alone or in combination with other personal care products such as bladder leakage panty liners. The use of additional protective equipment may be advisable for copious urination, as well as other secretions.

When choosing waterproof panties, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. Size. Only properly selected products in accordance with individual parameters will provide reliable protection against leakage. Having measured the volume of the waist and hips, it is necessary to compare them with the numbers indicated in the manufacturer's dimensional grid and choose the preferred size.
  2. The absorbency of underwear. The parameter is indicated by the manufacturer for each specific model and allows you to select the required product depending on the severity of the pathology, the degree of urinary incontinence.
  3. Gender characteristics. This factor must be considered, since the anatomical features of men and women require use that is intended only for a specific polo of underwear.
  4. The daily requirement for personal hygiene products.

An important factor when buying is the price. However, do not forget that high-quality underwear for urine leakage cannot be very cheap.

In this case, reasonable consumption should be reduced not to direct savings in money, but to the duration of the use of the purchased goods. This approach will really reduce the financial costs of the frequent purchase of low-quality personal hygiene products. Buy hygienic waterproof panties made by "IMAARA" TM and feel free in any situation!


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