Menstruation briefs – is it worth buying

Menstruation briefs – is it worth buying

Women's everyday life is a whole kaleidoscope of events that largely depend on age, social status and other aspects that determine the main life vectors of a beautiful lady. But there is one phenomenon that unites all the fairer sex – these are periods. During this period, women, as a rule, try not to wear light-colored clothes in order to avoid trouble, more often than usual they visit the ladies' room, carry additional hygiene products with them. All this brings some discomfort to everyday life, contributes to increased nervousness and irritability[AS1] . The IMAARA company, taking care of women, offers them alternative underwear that can replace the traditional means of protection used on these days.

Features and advantages of “IMAARA" products

Disposable pads and tampons occupy one of the first positions in the list of must-have monthly purchases of modern girls. Despite the fact that these personal hygiene items solve one of the pressing problems of the female population of the planet, they are at the same time one of the environmental pollutants, and can also harm a woman's health. The "IMAARA" company decided to do its bit in solving environmental as well as medical issues and offered consumers an affordable alternative to tampons and disposable pads – menstrual underwear. Products that win the trust of consumers are distinguished by the following advantages:

  • convenience and safety;
  • environmental friendliness and hypo allergenicity;
  • high absorbency with blocking of leakage;
  • lack of greenhouse effect and other irritating factors;
  • hygiene;
  • comfortable fit and good fit due to the absence of seams;
  • lack of unpleasant odors;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • modern attractive design.

An important factor is budget savings, since there is no need to buy disposable tampons and pads on a monthly basis. It should be noted that the period panty cannot cause the development of a dangerous disease – toxic shock syndrome. It is quite often diagnosed in women who use tampons for a long time. All the listed advantages of underwear knitwear for special occasions indicate that it is these products that should be preferred in order to avoid unpleasant consequences and to feel natural and 100% protected even these days.

Products of the IMAARA brand

The reusable sanitary pad, as you can also call the seamless stylish sanitary panties, is made of breathable, lightweight and silky fabric. The inner liner or gusset is cut from a single piece of material to prevent leakage at the seam. The textiles are composed of viscose (95%), spandex (5%) and breathable waterproof PUL. The collection of the online store presents such branded products of the "IMAARA" TM for all occasions:

  1. Jamuna – underwear designed for periods with moderate discharge (3 drops). Excellent absorbency lasts up to 6 hours. The panties can replace 2 tampons or 1 pad. They can be used alone or in combination with other protective equipment.
  2. Meghna – classic bikinis for periods will give confidence and ease to a young lady. High-quality underwear is ideal for independent use with moderate periods (3 drops), as well as in combination with other hygiene items.
  3. Padma – a fearless thong with an extra-long gusset that defies tradition. The innovative underwear is ideal for light cycles and is also an exceptional replacement for panty liners. The absorbency of the product ranges from 0.5 to 1 tampon.
  4. Surma – seamless underwear provides maximum comfort and reliable protection in the most extreme conditions. The 5-drop mark indicates the ability of the panties to withstand heavy loads. The gusset can replace 4 tampons or 2 pads during menstruation. The linen can be used alone or combined with other products.
  5. Teesta – elegant high waist panties designed for use during periods of heavy bleeding (5 drops). They will make the woman feel safe all day long, no matter where she is. The high absorption rate allows the products to be used not only in conjunction with other protective equipment, but also as a replacement for tampons and pads.

You can order the best underwear for menstrual cycle on the official website of the IMAARA online store. The catalog contains a complete description of the models, size range, color palette, as well as photos of various angles of products for intimate hygiene. Having chosen the preferred product, it should be placed in the basket and checkout.

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