Panties that don't need pads

Panties that don't need pads

Every woman knows that periods are not the most pleasant period of time. And for many years now they have been trying to find ways to make these few days of the month as comfortable as possible. Today, menstrual panties also known as specialty underwear have become a great solution. They are products made of special dense fabric and reliably protect against unpleasant situations with leaks during periods. The thing is that menstrual cycle underwear consists of several thin layers of specially designed material. There are different models for all bleeding levels. They should be changed about 1-3 times a day, depending on the strength of your period. The panties are easy to clean in the washing machine. The linen can be used for many years, it is environmentally friendly, comfortable and practical. Protective underwear for the menstrual cycle is a new trendy product in the modern world. After all, women of our time are not housewives, but successful and self-confident ladies who are accustomed to always being in shape.

Interesting facts about menstrual underwear

Let's face it, modern hygienic underwear is so well-thought-out and developed that an inexperienced consumer is unlikely to distinguish it from classic branded underwear.

Menstrual panties for heavy flow can be attractive, stylish, and reliable and comfortable at the same time. Even the most selective fashionista will be able to choose the right product for herself.

The lineup is striking in its variety. You can get the best menstrual panties for all occasions – from stylish thongs for an evening dress, to comfortable slips or shorts for everyday wear. It will also be interesting to know a few facts about these products:

  1. Menstrual underwear, depending on the manufacturer, can absorb liquid in the amount of 1-4 tampons;
  2. If you put on menstrual panties for 3 days of menstruation in each cycle, then in 5 years you can save almost 200 tampons or sanitary pads;
  3. Not all protective underwear for menstrual cycle is 100% natural, made from sustainable fibers or organic materials. Therefore, you should carefully read the information about the selected product;
  4. The seams in such panties are tighter, this is necessary for greater protection against leaks.

Menstrual underwear is designed to be used either as a replacement for menstrual products (tampons, pads, etc.) or as additional protection. Several absorbent and sealed layers simply collect blood in the underpants. The heavier your period, the more likely your gynecologist will recommend using your menstrual panties as a backup, that is, additional protection to your menstrual cup or tampon. It will also help you save on disposable panty liners. In the field of organic menstrual products, such underwear definitely deserves its place because it leaves a minimum of waste.

What are the benefits of hygienic underwear

Today, panties with built-in liners are a great alternative to tampons and menstrual cups. There are many reasons to start using these types of products during periods. Let's designate the main ones:

  1. Suitable for any life situation. At work, in a dream, in everyday routine with children, on excursions or during sports - menstrual underwear will always help out and will not let you down.
  2. Ideal for both young girls and adult women. The trendy panties can really be used by any lady without any prior knowledge or special exercise. Using them is as easy as using your regular panties: put them on, and you're done!
  3. Environmental friendliness by eliminating waste. With this underwear, you save on many disposable products like tampons, especially if you use them as the only product for your menstrual cycle.
  4. Easy cleaning of hygienic underwear. You can wash your panties with regular linen at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. As usual, menstrual panties and the rest of your underwear will be perfectly clean again. After heavy bleeding, it is recommended that you wash your menstrual panties by hand first. They can then be sent to the washing machine.
  5. Durability of the product. When properly cleaned, they can be used and stored for several years, making them the clear winners of the hygiene product range.
  6. Saving real money. Having numerous pairs of such panties, women will not have to spend money on other hygiene products every month during periods.

Do not be shy! Look for your ideal option, comfortable models, shapes and shades of panties for periods. Menstrual underwear is virtually indistinguishable from your usual favorite underwear when you wear it. It is comfortable and usually much thinner and more flexible than a cloth bandage. If you're not sure if just a pair of panties will last on tough days, try using them at home for the first time.


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