Reusable Menstrual Panties

Reusable Menstrual Panties

The lingerie of this era is not really an invention of our time. Underwear existed already at the beginning of the 20th century, it just changed and diversified a little over time. For example, reusable menstrual panties are very popular among the fair half of humanity. They were developed relatively recently. During this short time, they managed to become an indispensable thing during periods. In addition, they have become an excellent alternative to pads and tampons. Many women began to make choices in their favor. Reusable sanitary knickers are more comfortable, comfortable to wear during bleeding. Outwardly, they look like ordinary briefs equipped with a special waterproof insert. Natural cotton is used for sewing. The special crotch insert is made of highly absorbent fiber to prevent moisture penetration. Thanks to this, the blood does not appear.

A bit of history

Doctors have always tried to make women’s periods more comfortable and to develop underwear that can washable underwear for periods. Back in the late 19th century, the so-called menstrual belt came into fashion. It visually and practically bore a resemblance to a chastity belt. The only drawback was that the special fluorescent bandage inside it could only be washed off, which was problematic and inconvenient. So-called menstrual belts, similar to modern reusable sanitary underwear, were also worn until the 1970s. But by that time, women were already using disposable pads. The predecessors of the panties of the time as we know them today were not so pretty, aesthetic and comfortable. But they performed their main task well enough. At different times they were called differently:

  • periodic panties;
  • menstrual underwear;
  • reusable period panties;
  • period linen;
  • special reusable underpants.

Naturally, every lady can choose for herself the style and model of such underwear - from thongs to slip-ons or retro. In any case, the panties will not only protect you from unpleasant moments during periods, but also emphasize the charms of the female figure.

The modern reusable underwear for periods, as we are used to seeing in stores or pharmacies, borrowed heavily from the underwear industry. Thus, it is still a question of protection as well as attractiveness and comfort. As a result, today reusable thong panties intended for menstruation cannot be distinguished from ordinary comfortable and expensive underwear at first glance.

What makes reusable panties so special

If you have not used such underwear yet, but are going to try, then you should know how they differ from classic panties. Menstrual machine washable period underwear has its own characteristics. Let's get acquainted with the main ones.

  1. Reusable underwear consists of several layers, one of which must absorb liquid secretions. This ensures that menstrual blood is drained away from your body, but at the same time trapped in the inside of the product so that nothing can leak out.
  2. The specially designed membrane system of the panties in the crotch area is built in three different, but reliable layers. This ensures that in any situation the woman will feel dry, clean, and at the same time absolutely confident that nothing will leak.
  3. The first layer of the membrane system is in direct contact with the woman's body. It is made of very soft and pleasant to the touch merino wool. The coating quickly wicks moisture away from the female body and at the same time has strong antibacterial properties.
  4. The second layer absorbs moisture like a sponge and has antibacterial properties thanks to the added active ingredient based on silver (no nano-silver).
  5. The last, outer layer, does not allow liquid to pass through, so there is no leakage. But the fabric is still elastic and airtight. Despite the peculiarities of the purpose, these washable period pants, can
  6. The seams of the product are designed to retain liquid and not leave streaks on your favorite trousers or skirt.
  7. Products are manufactured strictly adhering to technology and using quality certified materials.

Such briefs hold about 15 ml of liquid, which is roughly the equivalent of three tampons. This makes them an ideal alternative to these hygiene products. Women can also use these panties instead of tampons at night, which is beneficial for health and of course for the environment. If your menstrual flow is very heavy, this underwear is perfect as an additional protection to conventional remedies. Or you can buy several units of such linen and just change it more


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