About us.

Your choices and actions matter! A small choice from each of us can have massive positive impact for our planet and future generations. This is the concept at the core of our Sustainable Sisterhood. We are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in mutual well-being, empowering each other and playing an active role in shaping a more sustainable world by finding better alternatives to the status quo.


Our mission.

Standing at the intersection of social innovation and fashion, Imaara strives to provide every woman with a sustainable alternative to traditional period products without compromising on comfort, quality, and design.In doing so Imaara seeks to celebrate every aspect of femininity and is continuing to grow an enthusiastic community where women feel safe being open about natural bodily processes like periods and menstrual-related issues.

We are a community.

Through Period Support and Education, we celebrate every woman’s uniqueness and femininity.

Imaara demonstrates style can be sustainable without giving up on comfort, design, and functionality. We aim to embrace and support your body when it matters the most, at our best.

We believe education and shared experiences are intimately connected with the success of our mission. It is only through open dialogue within a community of women sharing useful insights and information that stigmas and taboos can be fought, creating a limitless source of value not only for today, but for generations to come.