Period Underwear
Pretty Enough For You To Wear

Feel graceful in your next period with the most exquisite protective knickers.
Say goodbye to unsustainable sanitary products and slip into silky smooth
Imaara knickers!

about imaara


Standing at the intersection of social innovation and fashion, Imaara strives to provide every woman with a sustainable alternative to traditional period products without compromising on comfort, quality, and design.

In doing so Imaara seeks to celebrate every aspect of femininity and is continuing to grow an enthusiastic community where women feel safe being open about natural bodily processes like periods and menstrual-related issues.

why is imaara different?
Enliven your femininity and embrace your shapes, enhancing each curve with our comfortable yet practical period underwear, designed to make you feel your best every day.
The most advanced anti-leak system absorbs your period, allowing you to feel free, supported, and protected throughout your day.
Soft and secure
Created with super light and high-absorbing materials, Imaara’s period underwear is a wellness caress for your skin, preserving it from irritations.
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