Benefits of Exercising Whilst on Your Period

Benefits of Exercising Whilst on Your Period

Doing exercise boosts your mood, which can help your mental health during your period when lower levels of progesterone and estrogen can cause mood swings. While the idea of exercising might not be very appealing while you are on your period, there are many benefits you can gain from doing some moderate exercise.

If you are feeling lethargic, have period pains or are worried about leaks, then overcoming these barriers to lace your trainers up to do an activity that increases your heart rate can help you to have a more positive experience throughout your period.

Exercise can help to relieve aches and pains, as well as combat fatigue, anxiety and headaches. Doing exercise during your period can also reduce bloating, so there are lots of good reasons to motivate yourself to get active.


Break down the barriers

Many women put their exercise routine on hold during their period, missing out on all the great physical and mental benefits. Overcoming the anxiety about doing exercise and finding easier ways to be active will enable you to feel the multitude of health benefits.  

There is nothing to fear about working out during your period and you can choose exercises that you feel more comfortable doing during your period. Many health experts advise you to not do overly exertive exercise while on your periods such as intense cardio, long-distance running or other prolonged types of exercise, as this can put increased stress on your body.


What are the best exercises to do during your period?

Walking, light cardio, yoga and low-volume strength-based activities are all good types of exercise but choosing an exercise that you enjoy doing is key to getting the most out of your session.

The times during your period when you are feeling most fatigued could be an opportunity for you to take a rest from your usual routine and try something less strenuous that will still give you that exercise ‘high’.

If you do continue your usual exercise routine, your performance levels may not be as high as they normally are, so bare this in mind and make sure your diet helps with recovery. Staying well hydrated will help reduce symptoms like headaches and bloating while eating more protein can help to give you more energy when you need it the most when your iron levels are lower.


Get some extra support with period pants

If you are worried about period leaks when you are exercising, then a good pair of period pants could be what you need to stay active and confident during your period. Imaara has designed five attractive styles of period underwear with a range of absorbency levels to suit your needs for exercising during your period.

Combat your period fears with period pants that will capture any leaks while you work out, leaving you free to do the activities that give you that much-needed well-being boost.







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