How to Feel Confident During Your Period

How to Feel Confident During Your Period

If your period fills you with dread and takes over your life every month, it is time to take back control. Many women spend their period worrying about leaks, as well as dealing with period pains and the hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle. Fortunately, there are some ways that can help make you feel more comfortable and confident during your period:


Track your period with an app

If your periods are regular, recording your period flow can help you to more accurately predict the start of your next period. There are advanced apps that allow you to easily record your period and the more data you add, such as flow volume (light, medium, heavy), the more accurately the app can predict your next period start. This means that you will be better prepared for the start of your period and less likely to suffer an unexpected leak.


Manage period pain

Period pains can leave you bed-ridden in severe cases or distract you from work with even minor period pains. There are a few options for trying to manage your pain, such as taking painkillers, applying heat such as a hot water bottle or taking a warm bath. You might not feel like exercising but being active can help to reduce your period pain. You should carry painkillers with you to take if you are suddenly hit with pains.


Wear comfortable clothing

To stay comfortable during your period, wear loose clothing as your stomach will usually be bloated and tighter clothing will be uncomfortable to wear. As well as being less restricted, wearing baggier clothes can help to boost your confidence as you won’t worry that your clothes look too tight.


Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is good for lots of aspects of your health but during your period it can also help to manage bloating. If you tend to get headaches during your periods, staying hydrated can also help to relieve them.


Be prepared

When you are expecting to start your period, you should make sure you are carrying period products and a spare pair of knickers. However, you could try another option by wearing period knickers, so there is no chance of getting caught out by an unexpected leak. Wearing period knickers can boost your confidence as you do not need to worry about rushing to the bathroom or changing your knickers if you do have a leak.

Period knickers will also make sure that you are not wasting period products if you usually wear liners in the lead up to your period.


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Please note: we are not medical professionals. If you are concerned by anything you have read today, then please speak to your physician.

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