How To Tell Your Period Is Coming: a blog about ways to recognize and prepare for your period

How To Tell Your Period Is Coming: a blog about ways to recognize and prepare for your period

Your period is coming! Your body is giving you the heads up that it's time to get ready for your monthly flow.

While you may be able to predict your period over time, sometimes it comes when you least expect it, like right before a big event or trip therefore, it’s always good to be prepared!

First things first: why does this happen?  Well, your body produces estrogen and progesterone every month to prepare for a possible pregnancy. If there's no fertilized egg in your uterus, these hormones will drop out of circulation and then they'll cause your uterus to shed its lining—that's what happens when you get your period! It's totally normal, safe (as long as you don't have any chronic health conditions), and it doesn't mean anything other than "I'm still not pregnant."  

So how do you know when your period is coming? Well… there are particular signs and symptoms that will tell you that this is happening with your body. Some symptoms can vary from person-to-person but these are a list of the most common indicators that Aunt Flow is coming to visit…

  • You may start feeling really hungry or have a larger appetite. 

  • You crave sweet or salty foods (such as chocolate!). This is normal and is often due to changes in hormone levels. 

  • You become very emotional—either sad or happy—for no reason at all.

  • You may be feeling fatigued.

  • You are getting pimples on your skin. High progesterone is responsible for making our skin oilier in the days leading up to menstruation.

  • You get cramps in your lower abdomen, especially after eating something fatty or spicy.

  • Your mood swings between being happy and sad are for no apparent reason at all and sometimes make you feel confused and overwhelmed. It is normal to experience mood changes as part of PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) 

  • You may experience spotting: Spotting (also known as breakthrough bleeding) is when a small amount of blood comes out from the vagina before or after your period. It's not uncommon for women with irregular periods or who have just started taking birth control pills to spot during their first few months on the pill. Spotting may also occur throughout pregnancy or during menopause as well as during certain medical conditions such as endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It may also be caused by stress or changes in diet and exercise routines.


  • Your breasts hurt. Tender boobs can be a sign your period and this due to increased levels of the hormone progesterone - as with other premenstrual symptoms, breast swelling and tenderness should disappear when your period arrives.
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