Is there a link between your period and the moon?

Is there a link between your period and the moon?

There are lots of factors that can impact the average menstrual cycle, such as weight loss, travel, stress, and illness. However, one factor that there is less awareness of is the effect the moon can have on your cycle. Scientific research has revealed that moon cycles can influence both menstruation and sleep patterns, so understanding more about the moon cycles may be able to help you to predict changes in your period.

Due to the cyclical process of menstruation, philosophers and scholars have long investigated a connection with the moon.

This published study found that women with cycles lasting longer than 27 days periodically synchronised with the moon phase cycles and the moon’s gravitational pull. With a full revolution of the moon taking 27 days, 7 hours, and 43 minutes, this is identical to many women’s menstrual cycles. This study conducted at the Department of Gynecology at the Canton Traditional Chinese Medical College in Guangzhou involving 826 participants, found that a large proportion of menstruations occurred around the new moon.

Despite this research, scientific advances and recent studies contradict the idea that menstrual cycles are synchronised with the moon’s phases. Researchers have been able to access larger volumes of menstrual data by analysing the data recorded on cycle tracking apps such as Flo. Clue, another period tracking application, had their science team conduct a study where they analysed over 7.5 million cycles. Their results concluded that period start dates fell randomly throughout the month.

Some scientists believe that a woman’s period synchronises with the moon due to the light intensity of the moon. In ancient times, before the invention of electricity, the moon may have had a stronger influence on menstrual cycles. However, with so much exposure to artificial light, this light intensity pull from the moon no longer exists.

Keeping track of your menstrual cycle is easier than ever before with simple cycle tracking apps allowing you to record period days and flow volumes, which can then be used to predict your next period date. By tracking your period, you should be able to gain further insight into the factors that affect your own menstrual cycle, such as the moon phases, or events in your life such as travel, exercise, and stress.

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