Less is More: Packing for your Period Trip!

Less is More: Packing for your Period Trip!

We don't know about the rest of you, but the thought of packing for our period can sometimes add an extra element of stress when packing for a holiday. We have spent countless hours layering up, trying to figure out if we needed a bigger coat or perhaps an extra pair of pants (the answer was always yes). 

When you've got your period and you're packing for a trip, it can feel like every item in your suitcase is a potential enemy. You've got to worry about whether or not your underwear will leak, count and pack as many sanitary pads and tampons you’ll think you need, and if you'll be able to find a bathroom at the airport that has actual toilet paper.

With plenty of experience in mind and a few trial and errors, we’ve found the essentials and alternatives to single-use period products when going on a trip whilst on your period - Enjoy your trip and thank us later! 

Opting for Re-Usable Period Products (Our personal favourite!)

Menstrual Cups

If you're new to the world of reusable menstrual cups (or just need a refresher), here's what they are: they're small silicone cups that fit inside your body, collecting menstrual blood instead of absorbing it like tampons do. They are safe and eco-friendly and can be worn up to 12 hours at a time without leaking (if inserted correctly). 

Reusable menstrual cups are an excellent choice for travel because they take up very little space in your luggage, don't have any odor (unlike pads), and don't require changing out every few hours like tampons do! You can buy these at most drugstores or online retailers. They're convenient for travel because they don't need any special care before or after use (you just wash them out with soap and water). Plus, they save money over time because they last for years!

Not only do they save you money but they are also great as an more eco-friendly option by cutting down on waste—and they can be used multiple times before needing replacing. They're also super comfortable and easy to use!

Period Pants

Period underwear has to be our number one favourite product for making our periods 10x easier. If you don’t know what they are, they are underwear that have been specially designed for menstruation—they absorb blood so it doesn't leak through onto other clothes or bedding. They come in different styles and sizes, so there's something for everyone; plus they're super soft and stretchy so they feel great against the skin during sleep or exercise. You can find period pants in high-waisted or low-waisted styles, regular or hipster cut and even in thong style.

Depending on the style, these pants can hold up to 4 tampons or pads worth of flow - making them a great way to put your mind at ease! They're easy to wash in the sink or shower, so if you don't want to use tampons for whatever reason (such as fear of Toxic Shock Syndrome), these are a great option. In addition, you can choose to wear period pants in combination with other period products instead of a standalone replacement if you prefer.

When you're travelling, especially for long periods of time like an aeroplane ride or a road trip, it can be really hard to find a bathroom when you need it. When that happens, there's not much worse than realizing that you are about to have your period. But don't worry about having to deal with the mess—just grab some IMAARA period panties and tuck them into your carry-on bag! You'll be glad you did when you get caught in an unexpected traffic jam or have to wait in line at security for longer than expected.

To view our full range of cosy IMAARA period underwear with different absorbances click here.

For relieving the symptoms

  • Packing menstrual heat pads for a trip can be great to help alleviate cramps while travelling. Placing them around the lower abdomen area while sitting still during long drives or flights will relax the uterus muscles and allow you to feel much better and comfortable. These are a lifesaver and much easier than trying to find hot water for a hot water bottle (plus safer too incase it bursts!). 
  • Period cramps can be a killer! Pain medications such as Ibuprofen are a great essential to pack also.
  • Self-care time! Have you thought about bringing a mini kit of all your must-have self-care items? We always feel a bit ‘meh’ on our time of the month, so popping in a few facemasks, essential oil roll-ons, relaxing sleep spray or eye mask to your bag when travelling will ensure you can unwind and get some good quality sleep, which can sometimes be tough when on your period.
  • Water! It is important to stay hydrated as this will help immensely with easing cramps and backache during your period. 

Remember, if female astronauts can travel to space on their periods, you can travel anywhere! Don’t let menstruation stop you from creating memories and exploring different parts of the world. It is extremely possible to pack light and have a hassle-free period while on your trip - even more so with reusable period products.

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