Menstrual Underwear for Teenage Girls

Menstrual Underwear for Teenage Girls

Nature has awarded a woman with a special mission – the birth of a child. Therefore, the first arrival of menstruation is an important phenomenon in the life of a girl. This suggests that the young lady has entered reproductive age. During this period, the inner lining of the uterus is separated, destroyed and excreted from the body simultaneously with menstrual bleeding. This is a natural process, so don't panic. It is important to pay special attention to hygiene. Since blood is constantly being released, special menstrual underwear must be purchased.

Remedies for menstruation

The modern market offers a large selection of tampons and pads for menstruation. They should be changed every 2-3 hours. It is recommended to wash blood stains on panties in cold water. Physical and psychological stress should be reduced, it is not recommended to take a bath. You need to use special hygiene products and take a shower 2 times a day. Which is better – tampons or reusable pads for menstruation. This question is quite sensitive. Some girls prefer tampons during this period, others — pads.

When choosing protective equipment, the integrity of the virgin pleura must be considered. If the tissue has good elasticity, it will not be damaged when tampons are inserted. You must first undergo an examination by a gynecologist. He will advise if tampons can be used. Many girls choose pads as the most convenient and simple way to protect against leaks.

Alternative Remedies – Menstrual Panties

The first pads appeared in 1920. Cellulose was used for their manufacture. 11 years later, Earl Huss created tampons made from cotton and cardboard. In 1960, manufacturers suggested the use of reusable, washable rag pads for menstruating women. It was only in 2013 that alternative underwear appeared.

It was invented by young people from America (New York) – seven girls and one guy. They created smart, very practical menstrual panties. They reliably protect against leaks. These items are perfect for teenage girls.

Today, many companies are engaged in the production of similar products. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that from the inside, such panties reliably hold liquid, the outside provides good ventilation.

What is teenage underwear

Period proof underwear for tweens looks like regular panties, differs in design. At first glance, there is nothing unusual about them.

In fact, this is a real revolution in the world of menstrual underwear. Feature – the presence of a multi-layer pads, that does not allow moisture to pass through. It is a special system capable of retaining liquid, preventing leakage and formation of marks on clothes. Of course, you must consider the abundance of secretions. But in general, some panties are enough for a day. Wash them like regular laundry. You can use a washing machine.

The secret of period undies for tweens during menstruation lies in the absorption system and special processing. The lining or gusset is sewn from several layers, more often three. For the first, cotton is used with the addition of a small amount of polyester and elastane. Natural cotton is used for the second layer. Its function is to absorb liquid. The third layer is sewn from polyester – a material that does not allow moisture to pass through.

The first layer is treated with a special compound. Thanks to this, the multiplication of bacteria, irritation is excluded, there is no unpleasant odor. The panties remain fresh and dry.

Reasons why it is recommended to buy menstrual panties

The best period underwear for teens reliably absorbs sweat, urine, and secretions. At the same time, it is stylish, has a beautiful design, is made of thin fabric, and also this:

  1. Convenient. Girls do not experience discomfort, unpleasant sensations.
  2. Helpful. And for those who wear them during menstruation, and for the environment.
  3. Nice. The fabric is thin, the products are seamless, so they are invisible under the clothes. You can buy such panties according to your tastes.
  4. Contemporary. Such products are, first of all, hygienic, do not cause allergies, protect the skin from diaper rash, and are ideal in all respects.

You can buy beautiful panties for the period of menstruation by visiting the IMAARA online store. Here are different models, differing in design, color, size. You can wear them on ordinary days — for safety net. According to customer reviews, they do not create the effect of wet diapers, they look beautiful and modern.

Before making a purchase, you can choose the degree of protection that is right for you. It is recommended to buy one model and try how comfortable you will be in these briefs. If you have any questions, please contact the store consultants. They know all about menstrual panties and will help you with your choice. And remember to rinse them in running cool water for at least two minutes before putting them in the washing machine.




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