What are menstrual panties and why are they needed?

What are menstrual panties and why are they needed?

The everyday life of women is typical in most cases. Some study, others work, others are engaged in housework and raising children. But for all, there is something that unites them. These are periods. They require special care for their bodies - the use of hygiene items. These include special pads and tampons. There is an alternative – underwear for the menstrual cycle. Menstruation is quite natural, and a woman lives with it for half of her life. At the same time, many have a prejudice. To combat it, special protective equipment has been developed, namely menstrual panties. They do not slip and thanks to them nothing flows anywhere. In feminine hygiene, this is a new word. In such underwear, a woman feels comfortable.

No to pads and tampons, yes – to menstrual panties

At one time, menstrual pads made a splash. They appeared at the end of the 19th century. At the beginning of the last century, manufacturers presented a new development tampons. They were used for a long time by women in the Pantiea period. After 4-6 hours, the pads and tampons needed to be changed. Otherwise, discomfort was created. They can be irritating and could give off an unpleasant odor. Quite a few women use tampons, despite the fact that they are unsafe:

  • high risk of bacterial infection;
  • the possibility of the appearance of inflammatory processes;
  • the presence of contraindications due to the special structure of the hymen;
  • cause drying of the vagina.

According to statistics, a woman using tampons throws up to 150 kg into the environment as a waste. This suggests that it is better to buy leak proof menstrual underwear. They are sold in an assortment. Every woman will choose a suitable model for herself.

Key Benefits of Menstrual Panties

For sewing products, manufacturers use high-quality materials. In most cases, this is natural cotton. The gusset is made of two layers. A multilayer ball is used for absorption. The membrane in it serves as a "breathing" barrier to moisture penetration. Such menstrual underwear is very comfortable. During periods, the discharge remains inside. Cotton is excellent at absorbing secretions. At the same time, the skin breathes freely. Underwear for menstrual cycle has the following advantages:

  • high protection against leaks;
  • antibacterial action;
  • no greenhouse effect due to the passage of air;
  • possibility of reusable use;
  • exceptional appearance.

IMAARA cotton menstrual panties are safe, environmentally friendly products. They are able to absorb moisture without causing discomfort, irritation, or emitting unpleasant odors.

What to look for when buying?

For periods, gynecologists recommend buying panties in which the contacting layer is made of natural fabrics. The second layer must be absorbent; it absorbs and retains moisture. The third one does not allow leakage. It is usually made from synthetic fabrics. Ask sellers for product certificates. Also, do not forget about the breathability of the panties. Find out if the fabric has antibacterial properties. The absorbency of the models is different. Therefore, read the product description and choose the degree that suits you best.

If you are buying for the first time, select one pair of underpants. This will help you understand whether they suit you or not, how many hours the selected model will cope with your flow on a certain day.

Where to buy?

The easiest way to purchase the desired product is to use the World Wide Web. The best menstrual panties are presented in the IMAARA online store. Study the catalog, choose a suitable model for yourself from the offered assortment. Each of them has a detailed description, the current price is indicated. Underwear for the menstrual cycle of the IMAARA brand is:

  1. Seamless products. Lingerie does not cause discomfort to its owner. It emphasizes femininity, gracefulness of body curves.
  2. The presence of an absorbent layer. A reliable system of protection against leaks will make wearing panties comfortable in any situation.
  3. Soft and safe materials. Only high-quality, lightweight materials are used for sewing underwear. They absorb moisture well and protect the skin from irritation.

To pick the right size, you need to measure the volume of the hips. You can use your favorite panties, unfold them and measure the distance from one edge to the other. If you have any doubts, contact the consultants of the online store. They will help with choosing the size and the best model for you, consider the type of figure and your wishes. Happy shopping with "IMAARA".



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